Rural landscapes in educational projects of primary education. A proposal for the region of Tierra de Campos

Erica Morales Prieto, Enrique Delgado Huertos


This paper shows a ludo-didactic proposal about the study of the city. The study of the city needs to identify geographical concepts that intervene in the daily dynamics and in the planning evolution. Therefore, it is necessary that the student has acquired certain spatial skills, which allow him to read the plans and the analysis of geographical phenomena in reality and apply them to cartography. This study of the city carried out through a didactic approach where three games that promote some spatial thinking skills. These three games elaborated and built for the study of the city of Ourinhos (São Paulo, Brazil). This proposal applied to the students of the primary education to promote spatial thinking from spatial skills and acquired cartographic notions. The didactic approach promotes, from the application and development of games in the classroom, the analysis, interpretation and reflection of the processes that condition cities.

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